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Maximize your impact with a sustainer level gift to the parent fund or make a one time gift!

By making a sustainer level investment in the Parent Fund you:

  • Choose the Parent Fund priority that fits best with you and your family's interests
  • Gain peace of mind knowing a member of the Parent Fund team is just an email/phone call away
  • Amplify the impact of your secure gift while staying on a schedule you are comfortable with
  • Enjoy the benefits of a Crimson Parents membership and become a part of a philanthropic parent network

Crimson sustainer level investors, and above, are recognized as Crimson Parents members - a mission critical network of parents who are committed to excellence at the University of Utah! In appreciation of your generosity, Crimson Parents members receive the following:

Please complete the following form, and you will be contacted within 1-2 business days to complete your Sustainer Level gift!


Crimson Parent Sustainer Fund